About Us

Founded in February 2019, RLI is an independent, luxury candles brand based in London. Our first collection takes inspiration from our founder's fondest travel memories, with each candle representing a unique place in the world.


"I always loved interior design and fragrance, and have always been a keen traveller. Starting RLI and working on these beautiful candles has been the most exciting creative journey, and the perfect way to combine all my passions. Each candle holds the memory of a special moment in my life, and is inspired by the local flowers and scents. They all tell a different story and bring up the memory of a different adventure. They are universal fragrances, and yet they are so personal to me. I hope you will all love them as much as I do, and that they will transport you back in time, to your most treasured memories. "

Rachele Innocenti Langmuir - CEO & Founder of RLI