Daphné GIKEL

To continue with our Mondays series we interview DAPHNÉ GIKEL, amazing photographer and cool-girl all around!

Rachele: To begin with why don't you tell us about how you became a professional photographer?

Daphné: I think photography is a great way to express myself very quickly, with a 360° degree vision.  When I was a teenager I would spend hours preparing my friends, setting up a scenography and then shooting them just for fun. Over the time I had various occasions to meet professional models and this is how it all really started. Later on I went to an art and fashion school which helped me gain more confidence and achieve a more professional look.

R: What is your first memory of you behind the camera?

D: To be honest I do not have a major or specific memory in mind, but one time I had to shoot some top models and I was quite stressed as I really wanted to do well and make it fun at the same time!

R: In the first few months of working as a photographer, what was your number one concern?

D: To me it has always been very important to create a good relationship with the people I work with, that's key to creating something we will all be proud of.

R: What about now?

D: Never changed! Still the first priority.

R: What is the most rewarding aspect of working for yourself as a photographer? And the most challenging?

D: Meeting new people, building a new team is very fulfilling. Also, you have no routine and you can express yourself the way you want. On the other hand, if you are the only judge / critic of your work that can prove to be challenging.


R: What is your number one marketing tool?

D: I think a great mix between a visible showcase and an explosive personality is really important to find new clients. Instagram is also a magic tool to create a nice community and to show your talent.

R: How would your business strategy change if instagram were to disappear?

D: I must say I would panic if instagram were to disappear! I use it to do my research for any kind of project, even before I approach a prospective client. If it were to disappear it would challenge our whole system, and potentially my job with it!


R: How do you prioritise during the busiest times?

D: I love busy times! They are very stumulating. I always have a hundred projects ongoing at the same time and I nourish them a little more everyday.

R: How do you slow down? Being your own boss, do you “allow” yourself the so-called chill time in pre-scheduled weekly slots or do you take each day as it comes?

D: I do not want to be trapped in a working routine, so I allow myself a lot of free time to do yoga or meet friends for example. I am much more effective if I follow a schedule and have a daily break.

R: What's your at-home pamper / de-stress routine?

D: Comfy food, yoga, a nice movie, painting... and of course drinks with my friends and boyfriend.


R: What is the number one piece of advice you would give to people who want to go down the same path as you?

D: Make a list with your goals and stick to it no matter what.

R: What is next for you and for your work projects?

D: Oh! if you saw my to-do list you would hallucinate given how many things I want to achieve before my thirties! The next project is to publish a book with my pictures about Italy.


Firedrill Round with Daphné.

  • If you had to describe yourself using three words, which would they be? Joyful, funny, creative.
  • Top 3 skincare products? Carrot oil by Melvita, Lip balm by Tata Harper, Egyptian magic cream.
  • Top 3 items of clothing? A super soft turtleneck for men, my Acne studio high-waste jeans, and a large t-shirt
    from Colorful Standard.
  • Most treasured item of jewelry? I usually receive jewellery for my birthday so they all mean a lot to me.
  • Favourite restaurant in Paris? Le Petit Varenne and La Palette for a drink.
  • Favourite scent? My latest perfume purchase: ‘Reine de Nuit’ (Byredo)
  • Favourite memory associated with a scent? We spent 3 hours at Frederique Malle in Rome with my boyfriend, trying all the perfumes and speaking with the sales person. It was really interesting and educational.
  • Favourite travel destination? Italy, anytime, anywhere!
  • Favourite in-Paris escape destination? Walking in the streets in Saint-Germain-des-Prés or by the river.
  • What does luxury mean to you? What do you indulge on? I realize how important to me is to have some free time for myself and also spend quality time with the people I love, that's the real luxury.