Next up on our "Mondays." series we interview Charlotte Wood, the lovely founder of Wild Wood London.

Rachele: As it is now tradition with our "Mondays." interviews, why don't you begin by telling us how Wild Wood London started?

Charlotte: My love of florals started as a little girl, watching my mother paint watercolour pictures of flowers picked from the Kent countryside. When I relocated to London I was always drawn to the flower markets from Colombia Road to New Covent Garden Flower Market, and I would spend hours selecting flowers and experimenting with colour combinations and ideas. I trained at McQueens working with the industry’s top florists, before launching Wild Wood London in 2014. My Background is in Womenswear fashion design and I worked as a fashion designer within the design teams at Burberry and Allsaints. Researching, exploring vintage markets and delving into art exhibitions across the globe have all informed and inspired the creative process that I now apply to floristry. 


R: What would you say your number one concern was when you started the business?

C: My initial concern was would I have any clients? And what areas of floristry should I focus on. Initially I worked on weddings, events, bouquet deliveries, floral pop ups/activations and workshops. I have since narrowed this down to workshops, faux flowers/plants and floral pop ups/activations.

R: And what would you say is the most rewarding aspect of having your own business?

C: I am a people person and love meeting new people and hearing their stories, their journeys and what they want to achieve by working together. I work with interiors designers on their projects, sourcing and creating designs to match a specific colour scheme using flowers and plants to enhance the look and feel of the space; and, I also work with brands on activations including floral workshops or floral pop ups and have created flower shops within stores and studios for PR events. I adore the variety of floristry. Each day is different from the next: my days might include meeting fashion houses and creating installations for influencer events, visiting and exploring new venues or meeting local growers to learn about new varieties and their plans for the upcoming season.


R: How do you manage to prioritise in your busy schedule and how do you unwind at the end of the day / relax during a particularly busy time?

C: I write a list each day and just try my best to tick everything off. I have started using this amazing written planner called Daily Planner which helps to prioritise your top three ticks and then general to do list, but also weaves in today's wins, a gratitude section and what I am looking forward to tomorrow. I do have a work calendar on ical as well but find the process of writing out my plan each day helps to execute it more efficiently and enjoyably.


R: What's next for you and the business?

C: I am working on a new faux plant range and also a selection of dried flower designs which I am really excited about! Faux flowers have had a bad reputation but I love sourcing unique pots and interesting plants and have managed to find the best suppliers, which took years of research. Each design is hand made in my studio. I am also working on more workshop offerings for corporates and brands, as I love teaching and hosting and passing on my skills.

Firedrill Round with Charlotte.

  • If you had to describe yourself using three words, which would they be? Playful, kind and hard working. 
  • What about Wild Wood London, would you use the same ones? Bespoke, curated and personable. 
  • What would you say is the most interesting thing about your brand? I like to offer clients a really tailored bespoke experience and I like to have fun along the way. It is a collaborative way of working and I tend to build long lasting relationships with my clients.
  • Top 3 skincare products? Barbara Sturm face masks, Augustinus Bader rich cream and Esse exfoliator. 
  • Top 3 items of clothing? I tend to invest in high quality items that stand the test of time. I adore Max Mara coats, Bottega Veneta bags and pair these with basics from Cos and some fun items from Ganni.
  • Most treasured item of jewelry? My Maria Tash lighting bolt earring.
  • Favourite brunch place in London? Boys n Berry’s, Clifton Nurseries or Soho House Greek Street.
  • What's your earliest memory associated with a scent? Wearing CK One as a young teenager. 
  • Favourite scent? One of my favourite shops in Paris is the store Merci and within the fragrance section there is a brand called Bon Perfumer that makes the most incredible scents.
  • Favourite travel destination? Florence, Barcelona and Mexico 
  • What does luxury mean to you? What do you indulge on? Candles of course, trying new restaurants and exploring new cities. Experiences are incredibly important to me.

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